Thou shalt groom for improvement - Ted Baker Grooming Rooms

Here at The Men Commandments our twice monthly hair cut is something that is shoe horned in around our busy schedule and imaginary social calendar. It seems too complex to get a regular appointment so we often settle for a trip to any barber when we have a spare 20 minutes. This slap dash approach creates a mixed bag of results; so when we discovered Ted Baker Grooming Rooms we (and our mistreated head of hair) rejoiced! The guys at Ted have 11 locations over London (more coming all the time) which offer walk in services as well as appointments for more extensive treatments.

The Men Commandments have now had various cuts in Teds Grooming Room's and they are always consistently spot on. The staff are expert Turkish barbers and always get our skin-fades looking sharp and our beard lines at the perfect angle, they even offer eyebrow threading should yours be unruly and miss behaving. Ted Baker Grooming Rooms means the busy gent never need to make a last min dash to an unknown barber again, which is a settling thought for us and our hair.

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