Thou shalt shop at Zara - begrudgingly

We can't deny when it comes to high end looking designer clothes on a shoe string budget Zara wins hands down, that said we still get a feeling of dread when we step in to the cold, marble clad stores full of unhelpful staff and disapproving looks. Below are our top three bug bears

1 - Think you know your size? You don't, you are most definitely obese!

So whilst we don't claim to be he most slender of men we defiantly can say we are with in a healthy weight categorie (we checked are BMI and the results confirm this notion) yet in Zara if we reach for a medium garment it looks like it would fit a small child or toddler, so it's a toss up between Large or XL, so we squeeze are newly defined frame into a Large. GUTTED doesn't cover it.

2 - Think sales associates are there to help... WRONG

It's not unlikely when we enter Zara we have a shopping list in our head or on our camera roll from an Internet perusal. Often these are hard to find in the store so asking a staff member seems the obvious thing to do. This doesn't ever go well and the staff are always very limited on knowledge about the stock or simply seem unbothered or willing to help, on the rare occasion they do it's always with a slightly 'put out' attitude (we can only surmise the stock room is an unhappy place).

3 - something you bought isn't quite right so you try and return it - don't bother it's too stressful!

From time to time we have had an item that has not lived up to expectations so we try to take it back. Firstly trying to find the right till (only certain ones except returns) is hard enough. Secondly that judgement from the sales staff is almost like being on trial for a severe crime. Thirdly the sales staff then often need to get a manager to authorise the return which takes over 10 minutes of standing in a mixture of post judgement shame, impatience and bubbling up anger (but yes we will have a spritz of the aftershave on the counter to pass the time thank you).

So ZARA disappoints on most levels except the clothes are always amazingly stylish and often turn out to be our most coveted purchases. So whilst we don't enjoy shopping there we most certainly continue to do so... Begrudgingly

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