Thou shalt always know the time but won't spend the earth finding out

Since the dawn of man we have always needed and wanted to know the time. Back in caveman days a sundial was your best bet, today millennials and young folk probably have never needed anything other their smart phone to know the time. Call us old fashioned but we like to glance down at a watch rather than a phone screen - it definitely looks more becoming of a stylish gent.

Whilst we appreciate the trappings of a Cartier tank or even an Rolex, after the whole Kim Kardashian being held at gun point thing our arm swag is all the more humble.

If you like an expensive looking watch with out the price tag, head to Kartel where you will find a range of high design concept watches without the high price point.

Our pick of the bunch was an all black number which is a no brainier to wrap round our wrists whilst wearing practically any outfit combination; smart or casual or anywhere in between.

Most watches are under the £100 mark so if you are looking for different watches for different occasions you could stretch to two or three. Also, rather excitiningly the guys at Kartel are adding an engraving service which is perfect for gifts (defo good if you want to look like thoughtful and kind human).

We didn't mention they were all designed in Scotland as sadly The Men Commandments knows little about Scotland besides their strong liking for Iron Bru, which may or may not make the guys at Kartel more wise on how to design the perfect watch. Other carbonated drinks are available

From £89 at

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