Thou shalt not leave the Halloween costume till the last minute (again)

One thing is certain on Halloween, we will spend the few hours before the party desperately trying to hobble together a costume from what we can find in our wardrobes. often this last min approach has served us well, a ghost is a classic and chic look if you ask us, and only requires and old bed sheet.

This year we were thrilled to be taught how our trusty razor unlocks a whole host of Halloween looks!

this Halloween Razors by Draco (an online emporium of bladed and shaving products) have given us the easiest costume idea ever! easier than a white sheet and a pair of scissors.

Our top pic from the menu of costume ideas Razors by Dorco have created was the Wolverine look, its easily achieved in a few easy step.

1 -Start with a full beard to pull off this look

2 - Apply a thick layer of shaving foam to the face, trim down the moustache and shave off all neck hair

3 - Use the trimmer blade at the back of the razor to remove cheek hair, keeping most of the beard along the jawline. Next, shave an inverted triangle into the chin area

4 -Backcomb your hair, and dress with Wolverine claws and a ripped white vest (or shirtless if you’ve got the abs to pull in off!) to complete the look

The great thing about razors by Draco is that they deliver amazing quality blades at a fraction of the price you would expect. We are also a big fan of blue beards revenge here at TMC. To achieve the Wolverine look we recommend using the pre-shave oil (£9.99) to get the grrrrr look without the grrrrr irritation.

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