Thou shalt not only travel from A to B... There is another way

On Monday evening TMC took fashion to new heights quite literally when we were invited to experience Wranglers AW campaign. Our evening began at the 'St Pancras Renascence Hotel' where we took the elevator to the top floor and then climbed some steps to an unknown hideaway with amazing views over London.

The journey upward (in one of our favourite hotels) perfectly echoed the sentiment of the Wrangler AW16 campaign

'There is a way to be that exists outside the A to B...There is a wilder way'

The wilder way is about making the mundane commute more exciting and finding the exciting moments in often colourless commutes and general day to day events.

"Wild Way Home perfectly represents the adventurous spirit of the brand and our consumers. We want to give the world out there an empowering message: your everyday is in your hands. You can be surprised what it can give you if you change your daily routine. We also want to invite people to make the most of their lives – little, daily moments can be a source of happiness," adds Wrangler EMEA president Rino Castiglione.

As you can expect this Autumn sees a collection of welcome wardrobe staples that would breath life into you daily staples. Our favourite piece was a denim shirt which would prove unlimited wardrobe options and is TMC hero piece of the season

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