Thou shalt always have a clean white shirt

We all have them, those days where our 'full to the brim' wardrobe seems devoid of anything we want to actually wear. These days happen more often then we would care to admit but on said days there is one wardrobe savour we can always reach for... The white shirt.

The white shirt is the ultimate building block for any outfit. Wear it with denim trainers and unbuttoned for a relaxed vibe or dress it up with a formal trouser and a belt. The White shirt is the all rounder you need hanging up on your rail.

Here at the Men Commandments we head to COS or Whistles for quality and modern white shirts in fabrics that last and stay looking sartorially superior. It is worth spending a little more on a piece that you will wear time and time again but for budget white shirts Burton do a great selection that don't cost the earth!

It does have to be said the White shirt does benefit from a professional clean, there's nothing better than collecting a freshly washed and pressed shirt in a plastic garment bag; it's possibilities for your next look still as fresh as itself.

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