Thou shalt always have good hair thanks to Mr Jamie Stevens

Walk into any drugstore and if you're looking for a hair paste/putty/gum you won't be short of choices. In fact if anything there is always way too many choices for our liking, it's quite overwhelming!

We have tried a whole plethora of products, some are good some are bad and some are just ok. When it comes to hair products it's hard to pin point what your looking but we can start with telling you what what we definitely don't want. The main bug bear is a gunky product that overloads the hair and makes it sticky and generally feel horrible to touch, whilst we want control we still want out hair to look and behave like hair. Another thing that gets on our goat when it comes to hair products is when a product sets too hard and makes our hair resemble a Lego man's plastic bouffant (never a good look).

We can safely say Mr Style Paste by Jamie Stevens does not do any of the above. It gives a good hold and allows us to creat the desired style whilst not gunking up our hair.

Mr Style Paste is part of a range of haircare by award winning barber Jamie Stevens, some call him a hair God which we would agree with. We have been lucky to have our hair chopped by Jamie and it was the best cut we have ever had! The range also has products for those with thinning hair and whilst out follicles are still in tact it gives us comfort knowing such products exist should we ever start to thin.

Without a doubt Mr Style Paste is the best hair paste we have tried, an instant classic we will buy again and again.

Mr Style Paste £10

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