Thou shalt explore other underwear options

Most men buy underwear in the same way - begrudgingly spending over £100 on nine

pairs of Calvin Kleins and wearing them till they are threadbear and at risk of indecently exposing themselves in 'pant only' situations. Whilst here at the Men commandments we love a good pair of CK's just like Bieber, we believe they are not the be all and all of the pant world(sorry Justin). There are a whole host of high street stores doing underwear just as well if not better... So, we have done the high street leg work for you and found the best briefs out there that will refresh your underwear draw without spending a packet!

Our top underwear from the high street was from New Look Man. £9.99 will get you three quality pairs that have just the right amount of stretch and last just as long as a much pricier pair. Whilst we are encouraging you explore other underwear options, we are still big fans of a classic Calvin Klein boxer, our favourite is a CK one trunk and whilst one pair will set you back £20 sometimes you just want to make like Beiber.

CK one boxer briefs £20 available at

pack of three boxer briefs £9.99

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