Thou shalt not just use oil in the kitchen

Oil has long being the go to in the kitchen when you fancy your morning fry up but oil has a useful new place on your bathroom shelf! Introducing oil into your grooming routine may seem slightly like a fad, what with the recent trend for beard oil, but this fad is here to stay. Why? well because it works really well!

Here are our top 5 oil products

1 Kiehl's midnight recovery oil £37

This has been a Men Commandment product of choice for some time, slap it on your face at night to wake up looking like you have had 8 hours beauty sleep (even if you haven't).

2 Mr by Jamie Stevens beard oil £10

It's no secret we are big fans of this range and this is the top beard oil we have tried (and we have tried a lot).

3 stripped spearmint and lemon bamboo exfoliating oil £12

Stripped are the cult oil brand of the moment! This exfoliating oil is the new way to remove dead skin, facial scrubs should be scared!

4 Manuka Doctor facial oil £19.99

Another oil to use on the face to moisturise and Brighton. Perfect to keep dry skin at bay in winter months.

5 Olverum bath oil £48 for 250ml

Go on, treat yourself to an oil bath after a work out. It soothes tired muscles, you won't regret

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