Thou shalt have time for daily beard trim

Picture the scene, you're running late (as per usual) but you know the stubble on your face needs some attention. The thought of unwanted hair trimmings going everywhere means the task is too messy and complicated to undertake, so you leave the house looking slightly scruffy and unkept. This situation used to be a daily occurrence at the Men Commandments but not anymore!

The Philips series 7000 has reinvented the beard trimmer to make the whole affair a much less messy experience. Instead of trimmings going anywhere and everywhere (they really do have a mind of their own) this nifty trimmer had a suction chamber that collects the pesky hair in a little storage space. It's so genius we wonder why this has not happened sooner as it would have saved us years of cleaning up unsightly trimming mess.

As you would expect everything else stays pretty much the same, there is an easy to use dial on the front that lets you control the length of your stubble and the whole thing is really easy to keep clean as it all detaches and reassembles very easily.

So what are you waiting for? This trimmer should be top of your Christmas list, your running late mornings and bathroom sink mess will be a thing if he past (beard trimming covered sinks are so 2016).


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