Though shalt go double breasted

Once the preserve of 80's bankers and yuppies some may say the double breasted blazers comeback is more surprising then Craig David being cool again. Here at the Men Commandments we have long been fans of the double breasted (and Craig David for the matter). If your searching for a new suit than look no further, and if your wardrobe doesn't contain a double breasted two piece we urge you to get one pronto.

Although a great buy for the festive party season the versatile two piece will take you long beyond Christmas Party drunkenness (as long as you don't cover it in mince pies and mulled wine that is). A suit is the ultimate style staple as can be worn to the office or made into more casual attire by replacing a shirt with a t-shirt and slipping on some kicks (as seen here).

Out suit of choice is by Antony Morato and is part of the AW16 collection. There is a whole host of suits on the website below.

So just like our idol Craig sang 7 days you can definitely get 7 days a week out of a good suit.

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