Thou shalt not lose their hair (unless you want to and that's ok too)

So let's be honest, unless you are Jason Statham (who we hear is a huge fan of this site) losing your hair isn't always something that men take well! Now we are in 2016, approaching 2017, it's perfectly fine to admit to this and not have to do the once obligatory shaved head, or worse some sort of tragic Donald Trump inspired comb over job.

So perhaps President Trump may be interested in trying this new gem of a product which is proven to give fuller and thicker hair and encourage the pesky troubled follicles to grow. Phytolium 4 treatment is a 12 step treatment you use twice weekly for three months to extend the hair growth cycle and also encourage more hair growth. Whilst here at the Men Commandments we are thankfully not thinning on top we tried the treatment to see what it would do for us, we can say we noticed much fuller hair.

We also used the shampoo and conditioner from the brand which really put a spring in our step and some well needed bounce in our quiff.

If you are losing your hair this may not return it to its former full haired glory but it will certainly look after what's there and keep it fuller and thicker and in your head for longer.

Phytolium 4 £45.50

Phytovolume volumizing shampoo £12.50

Phytovolume volumizing conditioner £14.50

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