The last supper - The Whisky 

In a series of new posts we are bringing you the best in food and drink to help you assemble the perfect last supper! This month we focus on the ultimate tipple - Whisky. 

Single malt or blended malt??? Whisky drinkers up and down the land debate this issue frequently but here at the Men Commandments we were always on the fence. Until now.

One of our favourite whisky houses, Chivas Regal, has just released its first ever blended malt in tribute to five generations of master blenders. 

Using only the best Scottish malts the Chivas brothers have chosen five tipples and combined them to create the perfect drink for the discerning gent.

This blended malt isn't cheap, but boy its worth it, we can't think of anything else we would rather decant on Christmas Day. 

Available from Harrods £180