Thou shalt put a ring on it

Some days (mostly when nursing a hangover) our ability to put an outfit together can't extend beyond a pair of jeans and a clean white T. On said days, we always reach for a few accessories to perk up our basic look and add some interest.

One sure fire way of adding a finishing flourish to an otherwise stale look is our new favourite ring!

Signet rings have long polarised opinion, some feel they are adorned by 'chavs' supping cheap cider in tracksuits, quite oppositely some see them as the reserve of upper middle class men frequenting the London boroughs of Chelsea or possibly Fulham (they usually have a family crest etched into the ring and if they really are the embodiment of a walking cliche they will be wearing it in their pinky finger (*shudders in working class disgust*)).

For us such vast contradiction in oponions around a signet make it a piece we covet and in this case adorn with pave set black stones.

Whilst we can question the authenticity of a signet's social class; there is, in our opinion, something undeniably cool about wearing a signet. It kind of feels slightly rebellious, like it's not really for us but we stick our middle finger up to the man and wear it anyway.

So invite some conversation on to your ring finger and get a signet on there. Our pick of signets is Sif Jacobs and can be found on the link below.

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