Thou shalt talk about it

Whilst you may visit this site for style updates and all things concerning how to be a well groomed modern gent, where would you go if you thought you were suffering with a mental health condition??? To be totally honest we're not too sure either... would you go to a doctor or would that be too much of admission to make to a probable stranger?

If this is the case it my interest you that British men have more trust in their barbers than their doctors. Over half of the men in Britain feel more comfortable discussing mental health issues such as depression with their barbers than their doctors according to a survey from men’s mental health charity the Lions Barber Collective and premium male grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge.

The survey, revealed that 53% of men are more likely to discuss private issues, such as depression and other mental health issues, with their barbers. 78% also make a conscious effort to regularly visit the same barber. In comparison, only 54% of these men find themselves consulting with the same doctor when visiting their local health centre.

So what does all this mean? Are barbers the 2017 multi tasking masters (taking on the work of doctors too), quite possibly! Whilst if you are suffering from mental health issues it's always advised to seek medical help this all shows that it's good to talk about issues and open up more. Even if you don't suffer with mental health issues we all have ups and downs and having a space you feel comfortable to have honest and frank discussions is always good for your mental wellbeing.

So with January being the perfect time for resolutions here at the Men Commandments ours is defiantly going to be being more open and honest in the way we feel (and the required no gym memebership or weird green juices). If someone asks us how we are, our instinct tells us to say everything is amazing even if it's not. Admitting everything isn't perfect in a world full of social media where everyone's life's are filtered to perfection may seem like a weakness but it's really not. Being an honest and open person is a more healthy way to live your life rather than having a veneer of forced happiness, just like that cheap piece of Ikea furniture you have the veneer will always wear away eventually.

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The Lions Barber Collective is an international group of top quality barbers that was founded in September 2015. The group help to raise awareness and prevent male depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses. The Lions Barber Collective aims to create training that will enable barbers to recognise, talk, and listen out for symptoms of depression. They, they can safely signpost their clients when they are sat in the chair towards potential solutions.

The Bluebeards Revenge is a premium male grooming brand that prides itself on the production of barbershop-quality shaving products that are perfect for both professionals and shaving enthusiasts around the world.

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