Thou shalt buy things to keep forever not just for a season

Any fashion retailer would love to have you believe you need to refresh your wardrobe every six months; when a new season lands a fresh take on sartorial style is projected outwards to gents with closet space to full. Whilst we are huge fans of shopping we want to break the myth that you need to constantly update your wardrobe to keep it current and on trend, sure a few seasonal updates may be good but you don't need to start from scratch.

The Men Commandments has long fallen in to the trap of getting a whole new wardrobe each season and parting with lots of cash in the process. It's our mission to now buy clothing with a more savvy approach by buying pieces with longevity and pieces that will stay in our wardrobed for years instead of months. 

The rules in this Commandment are simple, be a little more considered in your shopping habits. By this we mean take an item and dissect why you want it, do you really like it? Do you really need it? Will it be something you like forever? It's hard for serial male shoppers to get your head around this but when you do your wardrobe and your bank balance will really thank you! 

Take the knit we are wearing here, it's a SS13 Christopher Shannon piece. When we spotted it we knew we loved it, it's something directional and conversational that we knew we would pull out of our wardrobe for years to come and treasure for a life time. Don't be lead by current trends and fads. Go with your own vibe and develop a stronger style for yourself. 

Whilst we used to buy lots of items of clothing to keep our wardrobes constantly refreshed we now buy much less, yet the things we buy are thing we love and will have forever. The items we now purchase may cost a little more but this is shopping in a smarter more considered way.

So whilst the fashion industry is constantly bombarding you with the idea you need new clothes constantly take a step back and make your own rules.