Thou shalt listen to your older self - A few things our 29 year old self wishes they could tell our


When Carrie Bradshaw uttered the words 'I like my money where I can see it - hanging in my closet!' You really took this notion and ran with it. Any disposable income you have goes on a strong collection of designer pieces. Whilst you hardly ever repeated an outfit throughout your entire twenties, you realise when you look back, it's not the Alexander McQueen knits and Neil Barrett shirts that you remember about this decade - it's the memories you create with friends and loved ones. Rock a five pound uniqlo T every once in a while -be happy and content in that. Clothes may maketh the men but this doesn't mean you need the amount of clothes you think you do.


For a time in your twenties you think having a successful career is the most important thing in life but you soon learn this is simply not the case - take time to do things that make you happy. You will get your dream job as a fashion editor at a men's magazine and then quite quickly lose it because men's magazines will fall out of popularity - don't let this upset you. Be thankful for the times you had working in men's magazines and then start a blog because you miss writing. You will get to work on the TV shows you always dreamt you would (the X factor, Big Brother (guilty pleasure - forgive us please) the Voice and many more). Sometimes these experiences will be great and sometimes not, you will meet people who are more ruthless then their slick media persona would suggest. Don't get caught up when people do you wrong, being bitter is not healthy or productive. You will also work with people who will become your life long friends and you will learn so much from the good and bad experiences you will face - go with your gut instinct because it is usually always right.


It's our strong belief no one over the age of 28 can eat white bread without bloating, so whilst your stomach remains flat after consuming this simple pleasure don't deprive yourself. Food is a contentious issue in your 20s and sometimes you deprive yourself too much - don't! your body will never look better than it does right now and you can pretty much eat what you want without consequence.


As you reach your thirtieth birthday you will have the shocking revelation that you have spent over £12,000 on syrup laden, caffeinated, overpriced Starbucks. Instead save the £3.5 a day and use it for something else (an amazing holiday perhaps because you will release you haven't travelled as much as you would have liked) - stick to drinking water as it's really the best thing for your body and what's more it's totally free! Sure you feel great walking the streets with the trusty paper cup in hand -but with wisdom you will realise it's utterly pathetic to rely on a paper cup for affirmation of who you are.


In your early twenties you use fashion to hide behind and whilst on the exterior you rock looks that appear you have confidence you are really creating a barrier between you and the world. This is ok because you are still working out who you are but don't worry about people not liking you. It may seem easier to give off an air of nonchalance but really learn to keep the good people close by and not care about the rest. You will make some disastrous style errors but don't regret these as they were fun at the time. You will learn classic items are just that for a reason and as you approach the landmark 30 you have a style that is your own.