Thou shalt revisit Joop 

Let's be honest - most people's memory of Joop fragrances will be, aged 15, visiting Superdrug with £20 pound of your Christmas money (from an aunt you never see) to buy a bottle. Whilst here at the Men Commandments we love fragrance we have to admit Joop has not been on our map for some time.

This all changed last week when we were invited to a launch of a new fragrance (the exact details of the brand were a closely guarded secret). Our journey started, as most do, in a car but this was no uber x. Our executive car was supped up with champers and a fragrance for us to sniff (not a sweaty uber driver in sight). The smell of which we have to admit we loved instantly, its fresh yet masculine with heavy woody notes and vanilla tops that make it the sort of modern fragrance we love. 

Whilst slightly tipsy on daytime champers we arrived at the beautiful 11 soho squareto start a journey that would change our opinions of Joop forever. 

A journey up four floors taught us all about the master perfumer who created he scent and we were treated to some bespoke gin for good measure! 

With a spray of the fragrance the getting ready ritual is complete... as authentic, surprising and iconic as JOOP! WOW is the new fragrance your bathroom shelf requires. 

Available Nationwide 1st February 2017 60ML EDT £39
100ML EDT £52