Thou shalt love oneself 

Valentine's Day is universally loathed by single people everywhere. FACT! Whilst most people who are unfortunate enough to be in the single club this V day may stay in and hide the Men Commandments had different plans. No - we wouldn't let our single status keep us under lock and key away from the see of red, roses and overpriced set menus at every fully booked eatery.

So what did we do? Well ,when most people are celebrating by having sex or chomping their way threw a huge box of milk tray whilst putting their flowers in a vase, we took full advantage of the day and made it all about looking and feeling as good as possible. Whilst we may have no partner to preen and look good for we decided looking good for ourselves was actually a good enough reason to claim back Valentine's Day.

We started the day with the full works at 'Ted Baker Grooming Rooms' which is one of our favourite things to do full stop not only on the day of LOVE. That said our hair beard and brows were treated lovingly to the ultimate regime by a master barber and we were left feeling razor sharp and the best possible version of our single self.

With a spring in our step only achieved from the full work we headed for lunch to our favourite pizza place in central 'pizza pilgrim'. Nothing says 'come to bed' less than cheese strings extending from your mouth to a huge slice or a post pizza bloat, neither of these were things we had to be concerned about so we went for our usual pizza and beloved deep fried mac and cheese. A very enjoyable and reasonable meal and not a helium heart balloon in sight.

With a warm feeling in our stomach, no not from any soppy cliches, one only mac and cheese can give us - we ventured to our afternoon location of the House of Elemis. A Mayfair townhouse where our favourite skincare brand offers amazing treatments. We enjoyed a 'good all rounder' for 30 mins costing £40 which was the perfect way to end our day of self indulgence. Our face was left

So there we have it a day of love to ourselves from ourselves.