Thou shalt get the best suit possible - made to measure by Canali at Flannels 

Let's play the word association game... ITALIAN - SUIT. Yep, when we think of Italy we instantly think of sharply tailored suits and it's long being the Men Commandments ambition to own an Italian two piece. So we were thrilled when we realised this could happen without the trek to the country shaped like a boot! One of our favourite Italian tailors is coming to Flannels... Canali is in town and we have an appointment.

Canali's master tailors are in town on the 4th of March at the Manchester store of Flannels (for those who have never ventured north of the M25 Flannels is a designer emporium loved by many a northerner and soon to have a London store). Offering one hour appointments to create a bespoke suit completed to the highest Italian tailoring standards this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the discerning gent.

Each suit is made by creating a unique paper pattern from scratch resulting in a completely unique sartorial piece for your wardrobe.

We are hoping to get our hands on (and torso into) a double breasted two piece in a classic cloth that we live in our wardrobe for years if not decades.

Whilst the pieces may come with a considerable price tag there really is nothing like getting the perfect made to measure suit from an expert tailor. One last word association - MADE TO MEASURE - CANALI at FLANNELS

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