Thou shalt get the skin you want

Facials are funny things - sometimes you have one and wonder why you just blew 60 English pounds on having your face cleansed for an hour. Sure it was relaxing, although so is a power nap (and naps are free) - BUT every once in a while you have a facial that totally transforms your skin and gives you back what you wish you had. The latter facial happened when the Men Commandments visited Drakes of London.

The experience started in the Fulham branch of the men's specialist grooming emporium. Our therapist quickly learnt our needs by asking us lots of relevant questions about our skin concerns. Although we had booked in for an 'age smart facial' she tailor made this to give optimum results based on our individual needs.

The facial involved lots of steam and different Dermalogica products that dissolved our black heads and removed the pollution of the city from our face. Whilst the facial was relaxing (and involved some massage) it was definitely engineered for results. After an hour on the bed, our skin was left softer and visibly clearer with more refined and cleansed pores (one of our main concerns).

One of the great things we have noticed in the resulting days post facial is a touchable difference in our skin. When our hand happens to brush our face it feels much softer and firm. In Drakes of London we have found our new oasis to treat our face to a serious results driven facial.