Thou shalt make a best friend 

When you start university the law dictates you are an adult. For most of us, it's our first time living independently from home and many feel like fraudsters, pretending to be a grown up whilst actuallys knowing nothing about what it means to be one. This may be why such strong bonds are formed in those first few weeks spent living in a shitty student flat in a shitty student block because, really, you're making it up as you go and in desperate need of someone to cling on to.

In our case it was our now best friend Abi, we found each other somewhere between Bramall Court (aforementioned shitty student block of flats) and our university building (only a short walk but when you're a teenage homosexual in Salford in 2006 there was always a chance of scally chavs throwing rocks at you) She was everything we needed in a best friend, fun, impressionable, a human shield, generous, thought we were hilarious - the list goes on. We very quickly became an unstoppable duo with a fresh dollop of student loan burning a hole in our motto skinny denim and with a Harvey Nichols in walking distance.

Abi was our muse and in a way she was our first client, (when we don't write his blog we work as a fashion stylist) We would dress her up like a human Barbie, glue cheap hair extensions into her head with what we thought were expert skills. In return she gave us the confidence we needed. We were Manchester answer to Henry Holland and Agyness Deyn (what happened to her?) or so we thought!

The first few months of uni include those seminal moments of adulthood where you're working out who you are... are you a lentil eating lefty or a right wing whiner - or like our best friend Abi you have no political views what so ever. We found ourselves ever slightly to the left and upon finding out our own views and opinions we felt truly adult for the first time.

Not that university was a particularly political place for us. As much as we would have liked to be an Intellectual the library was an alien place to us. Most of our time was spent drinking in various tragic gay bars in canal street or swigging sidekick and wandering down to Tiger Tiger and praying we would be in VIP for the night (for those wondering VIP in tiger tiger included access to an area were drinks were more expensive but you may spot a someone who acted in Hollyoaks or coronation street so totally worth it).

Having a best friend like Abi made university a totally worthwhile experience and whilst we can't say academia had a profound effect on us, time with our best friend did. To this day our bond remains and whilst life may have changed us we are still the same two people wandering through life making it up as we go only now we know we are doing together.