Thou shalt go with the grain

One fateful occasion a few months ago the Men Commandments was trimming our stubble, accidentally we switched the dial that controls the length of said stubble - we went from having a grade 4 to a grade 1. This was a highly traumatic experience especially as with out a liberal dose of face fluff we resemble a teenager (not so great when you are 29 years of age).

Getting a great beard trimmer is one of the things that will make your morning routine much more smooth, or not so smooth for your face if like us you like a well trimmed beard.

The Men Commandments was thrilled when we discovered Panasonic's ER-GB80 Beard & Hair Trimmer. We are always slightly dubious of anything that claim to be an all rounder (this clever gadget can do it all - beard, body and hair) but we were proven wrong with just how exceptional the GB80 is!

First up it trims our beard to perfection and an equal length all over - sounds like a basic requirement for a beard trimmer but some we have tried have guards that are too flexible and so change lengths at different parts of the jaw line. Then, out pops the precision trimmer that takes care of all the awkward fiddly neatening up you need to do, the perfect size for above and under the lip. Then it's easy to clean just rinse it under water and it's as good as new! What's more is you get a specific body hair trimmer if you like to groom the chest and anywhere else that takes your fancy.

So whilst we were left broken hearted and beardless by lesser trimmers we rejoice in the fact this will never happen again with the trusty Panasonic GB80

Priced at £69.99

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