Thou shalt wear florals in spring 

It's a very rare occasion for 'the Men Commandments' to post about a single piece of clothing - however this jacket is just to good to not pass comment on. If this jacket was an actor it would be staring in a critically acclaimed one man show! 

Now, regular readers of this site will know of our disparity for shopping at Zara. It's a love hate sort of thing - whilst we hate their lack of customer service it pains us to admit they deliver some pretty directional pieces your unlikely to find anywhere else on the high street. So it was with a slightly heavy heart we made a purchase - a biker jacket with floral appliqué and studs. 

Whilst we generally adopt a simple understated look sometimes you need that trophy jacket to reach for when your outfit is verging on boring. Usually the concept of studs and floral would overwhelm us but somehow this showy little biker just manages to be wearable although is always going to be a conversational piece. 

On its few outings it's already had lots of comments and a few gasps of amazement when it's store of origin is revealed (que gasps of amazement & comments such as 'zara really, it looks designer')

So if you can brave the appalling service venture in and grab one of these floral finds, or you could always order online!