The TAN commandments

So summer is coming around and your terrified of getting those pasty legs in a pair of shorts. What are your options? Man up and deal with your magnolia match sticks or get some fake tan to bronze them up! Fake tan can be a scary prospect for the unacquainted so we have put together our Tan Commandments (see what we did there), to get you looking buff and bronzed with no tell tale orange palms or streakiness.

1 thou shalt except ones tanning limitations

There is always going to be that person who only need sit out in the sun for 5 minutes and go a shade a deep olive shade that looks like hey have spent a summer on a Mediterranean island - we spend two weeks on an actual island only to go a shade of pink which quickly reverts back to a shade we like to call 'magnolia ghost'. Accepting you tone is critical when it comes to tanning and what is achievable. Which brings us nicely on to...

2 thou shalt choose a realistic colour

Pick a shade that isn't too far away from a realistic tan if you were to have a one. If you don't ever get a deep tan don't pick a dark shade as it was always look unnatural and fake on your skin tone.

3 thou shalt scrub

Scrubbing away any pesky dead skin will create an even and longer lasting tan. Avoid scrubs with oil in as this will create a barrier between your skin and the tanning product. So get your scrub on and focus on places like knees and elbows.

4 thou shalt be dry and cool

It may seen like a good idea to tan straight after a shower but wait an hour or so if you can. Fake tan will work better on dry and cool skin.

5 thou shalt use a mitt

Using a mitt ensures the best results and stops any dreaded orange palms occurring. Use circular motions with small amounts of product on the mitt and build up your tan in layers

6 thou shalt get professional help

First time tanners are advised to seek a professional, our tanner of choice is James Harknett who works from the W hotel in Leicester Sq (fancy). He bronzes buff bods' such as David Gandy (so your in very good company). It doesn't really get any better than a spray from the 'tom ford of tanning', he will also recommend products for you that will work for you lifestyle and create the results you want.

7 thou shalt shower and pat dry

When wearing fake tan baths are best avoided as are very hot showers. A warm (ish) shower and patting dry with a towel is the best way to maintain the glow!

8 thou shalt moisturise

Keeping your skin well moisturised will improve the life of your fake tan and also its appearance.

9 thou shalt top up your face and hands

Usually a tan will fade from the face and hands first as we wash our hands and face more frequently and more vigorously. Giving them a little top up with a spray tan product and it will keep you looking even all over!

10 thou shalt start a fresh

After a week or so of a fake tan we always recommend starting a fresh. Give yourself a scrub down and start with a blank (and probably pasty) canvas again.

So there you go our 10 steps to avoid looking like an orange.

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