Thou shalt find a barber that takes their time

Are all barber created equally? Well the short back and side answer to that is no! Living in a huge city like London can, at times, feel rather impersonal - Do we know the name of the person who makes our morning coffee (well actually yes we do)? Does the lady at the post office really care how our day is going (we think she really seems to care)? And does our barber even know our name (not always actually)?

So maybe it's not all that bad, but we do often feel rushed in and out of the barber shop. It can sometimes feel like you are  just another head on a never ending conveyor belt of heads all wanting a short back and sides bit longer on top - to some extent we understand why it must be this way, high rents and people looking for good value. Refreshing it is however when you stumble across an establishment that is bang in the city centre yet feels like a barber shop in a tranquil village with all the time in the world it makes a refreshing change.

At the Legends Barber they really take the time to get to know you and your hair and establish what will work for you.

We had the pleasure of meeting and getting an awesome hair cut by Darius the master barber himself. Darius gave us some great tips on daily haircare and styling which had gave us the confidence we would be able to look barber shop fresh day after day!

The Legends Barbers also have their own range of styling products, great to keep that quiff in place like only an expert barber can.