Thou shalt explore the UK more 

When the Men Commandments gets a few days off (& they are few and far between) we head straight on the easy jet app looking for cheap flights to spend a few days lapping up the sun. Our only limitation is usually the amount of days (4 days tops), as we can only ever take hand luggage on our hols (ergo mini break) - we may have previously mentioned our crippling fear of checking in baggage and it is really rather limiting.

We then suddenly had the life changing realisation that if you travel by train to a destination on our very own shores there is no checking in bags at all! Total freedom and no more airport stress.

So with that in mind we decided to take the first of our Blighty breaks - Margate and Ramsgate was top of our list and the costal resort is only an hour on the train from St Pancras.

Our break in the British sun was everything we wanted from a great costal get away, the best hotel we found in the harbour town of Ramsgate was the suitably named 'Royal Harbour hotel'. The hotel had everything you would ever require and then more; with friendly staff on hand should you be super demanding. There is also a mighty fine restaurant on site serving some really high quality food. Our room had a view of the harbour but also a bath with a TV, so whilst relaxing in the plush comfort of our room was amazing enough (the bed was possibly the comfiest bed we have ever experienced) we did venture out and explore too!

The main place we wanted to visit was Dreamland in Margate (a short bus ride away). A foreground that has lovingly been brought back to life, tapping into the slightly kitschy fairground vibe of years gone by - the fun of the fair was everything we hoped for.

With margate and ramsgate so close to London it's definitely worth a weekend there this summer!

Visit ramsgate and margate