Thou shalt make your bathroom a Spa - DIY SPA

So at the Men Commandments we are not adverse to the odd spa trip here and there; (OK OK we pretty much could call Spas our second home) but sometimes you want to feel spa fresh and don't always have time to head for a treatment.

Fear not time poor and spa-phobics, there are a few spa hacks we have learnt along the way that bring the spa to your very own bathroom!

The cleanse

Sond cleanse and calm £22

So you may not think you need to invest in a good cleanser but it's really the foundation of any skincare routine (however simple yours may be)! Get the cleanser wrong and anything else will be less effective. Everyone's skin is different and it's worth trying a few to find what's right for you. A good place to start would be Sond cleanse and calm (note -Sond has two little dots over the 'O' so we assume it's of German origin but we can't work out how to type an 'O' with two dots above). It's a creamy cleanser that's calming on even sensitive skin the gently removes all the nasties your face collects from the day. It leaves skin feeling soft cleansed without the stripping feeling harsher products can leave. Your face will be perfectly prepped for whatever moisturisers you want to apply next


Body Bean Man Scrub £14.95

An exfoliating body scrub is one of our favourite treatments to have in a Spa. It leaves your body looking and feeling amazing but you can now get the same result at home. The maybe unlikely ingredients of coffee holds exfoliating powers we were previously unaware off. Bean Body bring a the energising ingredients of coffee in powerful exfoliating that leaves us soft and supple. A slight warning - this product can be a bit messy but it's totally worth having to rinse down the shower after use.

Eye cream

Elemis time defence eye reviver £39.50

Many people feel eye cream is an unnecessary step and can be quite costly but introducing one will upgrade your skincare no end. The skin around the eye is totally different to that of the rest of the face; so using a different cream here is essential. Our pick of the bunch is by Elemis and really treats the area so it's less likey to age by looking darker and lined.


Perricone MD refreshing shower mask £32

A mask can be an indulgence many Men feel are for the ladies only and we have to admit a weekly mask isn't something we have always slotted in out grooming regime. Perricone MD have introduced such an ingenious mask it would be rude not to give it a go. Whack it on clean skin pre shower then get in and do your usual thing; the steam in the shower helps it work and at the end of your shower simply rinse off. The result is firm tighter and fresher skin and this little time saving mask is now a weekly treat we look forward to.