Thou shalt take time to get a decent watch - Paul Smith watches 

The humble watch has been the wrist wear of choice for decades and despite the usefulness of a watch being questioned now we are all attached to phones that tell the time - its testimony to the watches sartorial stature that we all still desire a great time piece round our wrist (and not some awful piece of technology such as an Apple Watch, wearing an Apple Watch in our eyes is a sin).

Now whilst we love the big players of the watch world but we just feel too nervous strapping thousands of pounds around our arm and quite frankly have better thing to spend our dosh on, like more shoes. So we are often on the look out for a watch around the £200 mark.

Step up Paul Smith whom have a collection of watches that are just as stylish as the clothing, the brand has become loved for. They have cleverly worked in the distinctive multi coloured aspect the brand is known for.

The watches themselves have beautiful faces with pops if subtle yet stylish pastel hues. The straps are just as detailed and if you like a leather or metal strap both are catered for well!

So what are you waiting for it's time to get a Paul smith watch (we couldn't do a piece on watches without weaving in a predictable time/watch pun somewhere)!

Prices start at £179 available at