Thou shalt not have crossed words with these three new grooming essentials

 There is nothing we love more than sitting down and doing a crossword with a cup of tea, actually that's a lie - updating our grooming bag always trumps a crossword. Here we combine both these loves and share our top 3 new grooming products.  1 down Ralph Lauren new Polo Red available at Debenhams; a perfect new fragrance to add to our collection. It's already getting lots of comments which is always our litmus test when it comes to new fragrance. 13 Lil Balm by scaramouche + fandango; the honey is nourishing but also tastes and smells delicious. This balm left our lips silky smooth and we now can't live with out it to the point we have anxiety if we misplace it, we have already ordered a stock pile. 24 down Dr Paw Paw; we are late to the paw paw party but we I love it! We have spotted this in many a top male groomers kit bag and finally got our paws on some paw paw - we don't regret it.