Thou shalt be as proud AF

In 2017 it's easy to think the LGBT community has reached the point where pride is now redundant. The battle for equality may now be won in the legislature sense but growing up gay/Bi/trans even 2017 is an experience that can leave many with mental health issues and or self loathing issues (read a book called 'Straight jacket' by Matthew Todd if this interests you). Pride is very much still an essential celebration for the LGBT community and one where style can play its own part! That's why we love these celebratory garms from our favourite fashion illustrator Dom and Ink with his collab for Rock on Ruby. The T's and sweaters are the perfect pride apparel but also a great addition to your dressed down Sunday wardrobe. The collection is full to the brim with sassy slogans and rainbow colour pops, sure to help you take pride in your pride look. Our pick of the bunch is the 'proud AF' sweater. So head to Rock on Ruby and got your pride on.