Thou shalt buy beige suiting this season

Suiting is something all readers of this site will know are a must in our wardrobe. We wear with T-shirts and trainers for a cool smasual look (smasual - a hybrid word we just invented there). Although until now the hues of our 2 pieces have always remained either grey or navy and many variants of checks. Step forward the beige suit for our SS17 update! A beige suit has the tendency to feel a little dated and 70's so keep it simple and sharp with shallow lapels to ensure a modern look. Our suiting store of choice is currently next menswear, in fact we have so many amazing suits we love to wear from them and they are all super reasonable when it comes to price. This one is also of course available from Next. Expect to pay less than a 100 for a two piece - they also do various length in both trouser and blazer which is a rarity on the high street, this will give you a Saville Row look for a fraction of the price! As you can see we style owe beige with white for a smasual (yep we just dropped in smasual again) summer look but if you require a smarter vibe stick with a simple beige or navy derby shoe and a white button down collar and add a navy tie for the ultimate sartorial suiting look.