Thou shalt give your skincare some 💪🏽

When you reach a landmark age (30 for example) it is often a good time to start stepping up your skincare routine. So when we entered a new decade recently we did just that! Our first upgrade of choice was introducing a serum before we moisturised and this came from cult brand the ordinary and their Hyaluronic Acid 2%. It costs just £5.90 but don't think your getting any bargain bin style skincare here - the results of this product and the fact it's often hard to find in stock speaks for itself. The water based serum contains three molecule weights of hyaluronic to penetrate all three layers of the dermis effectively and hyaluronic holds a thousand times it's own weight with water - the results of which are obviously beneficial for anyone with dehydrated skin. The texture of the skin is left refined and plumed - definitely an affordable way to pump up your daily regime. Our next step was another cult product which we replaced our usual moisturiser with - healgel face. This gel contains a cocktail of powerful stuff that all works together to improve the skin and give the ageing process a big punch in the face. The gel we feel is especially good for people with sensitive skin as it delivers a calming hit of top draw skincare which is completely vegan and cruelty free. It's expensive at £48 but a worthwhile investment in your daily routine. So there we have it the third decade of our life - take that 💪🏽