Thou shalt check out Deichmann shoes

You will be familiar with the well known saying - 'the suit maketh the man' but here at the Men commandments we think 'the shoes maketh the the man'. Until recently buying cheap shoes on the high street was a risky game for us; whilst we love affordable fashion we have always felt investing a little bit more in our shoes was worth it. Until now. In steps Deichmann, the affordable shoe retailer. It has launched with a collection of men's shoes that will invoke gasps of shocks when you reveal their place of purchase. Deichmann has never been on our radar when it comes to shoe shopping - until now, with stores popping up everywhere. For quality menswear shoe staples it's now our first point of call when feeling he need for some new brogues or loafers. The latest release see an all encompassing men's collection that will have something for every shoe lover out there! With such affordable price points you can completely reinvent your shoe wardrobe for the AW season. Whilst it was hard to choose our top pair - we decided on the patent slipper which is a bold choice! The kind of shoe that gets glances of admiration wherever you go! Next on our wish list is a rubber soles loafer which perfectly combines the formality of a shoes with a more comfortable wearability - no excuse for ugly commuter trainers any longer! So their you have it! The cat is out of the bag and it is wearing brilliant shoes, our secret new favourite footwear store is a secret no more! 

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