Thou shalt read this Proverb

If there is one piece of wisdom the Men Commandments can impart on our readers it would be to get your skincare right! Loyal readers will know we are pro cruelty free cosmetics so it always peaks our interest when a new bunny symbol bearing brand launches! Proverb is the new guy on the male grooming scene and the big boys should be quaking in their boots because this is skincare that delivers! We have tried and tested two of their products and both have made it in to our everyday grooming bag! Skin Definition facial Scrub £30 The use of a facial scrub usually brings us out in a hot sweat as we are prone to redness and sensitivity. This scrub utilises more gentle scrubbing particles - avocado stone and coconut shell remove dead skin gently. The formula feels very nourishing on the skin so unlike many scrubs we have tried this leaves the face refreshed, exfoliated but still comfortable. Strengthening Skin Serum £65 This is now our new morning serum - it has a light easily absorbed consistency which instantly peps up tired skin. The result it firmer brighter and more resilient skin. The formula had a really refreshing and awakening feeling which makes our early morning starts a little more bearable. After a few weeks of using we noticed our fine lines seemed to be diminishing which is exactly what we want a serum to do! In terms of expectation when using a new product this serum really went above and beyond and knocked all other serums out of the park! It’s not often a new skincare brand comes onto the scene and instantly makes us scared to be with out it! This is exactly what Proverb has done and luckily we don’t think this new brand will be going anywhere so we will be restocking for years to come.