Thou shalt not overeat this Christmas but if you do there is always endoSPHERE at Medispa

Have you like us already started over indulging this month? Mince pies after every meal and Pringles every hour on the hour! Anyone else love Pringles in December? Offer us a Pringle in June and we can take it or leave it but in December we start having panic attacks if we are down to our last pipe of BBQ! So with our December Pringle addiction in mind we needed to take action against the December tummy and tried out the endoSPHERE treatment by top London practitioner Pietro Simone. Initially we thought the instrument looked like something you may find at the back of an Anne Summers but we were assured it would give us a firmer tighter stomach area. The endoSPHERE machine rotated and massages the area to help reduce fat cells in the area by applying heat and making them effectively die! We will post the info from endoSPHERE below for those who want more detailed information (we just wanted a non December stomach and didn’t really care how we got it) 

It’s not just the stomach this is effective on you can treat any areas of concern. After a week I noticed my stomach looked flatter and more toned so it’s defo a treatment I would have pre big events and I would say essential before a summer holiday! 

endoSPHERES has just launched their therapy in the multi award-winning EF MEDISPA. Esther Fieldgrass, EF’s MEDISPA founder has commented; “We are delighted to announce that we will be launching the latest treatment to target cellulite, at our new clinic in Richmond. At EF MEDISPA, we concentrate on results driven and advanced technologies, so VibroSculpt by endoSPHERES was a perfect fit for the clinic”

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Info from endoSPHERE -

EndoSPHÈRES is entirely non-invasive and pain free and works in an entirely ‘biological’ manner with the unique action of the micro-spheres working the body’s natural mechanisms to break down, remove and re-shape fat and adipose tissue whilst at the same time stimulating elastin and collagen production for a fully toned, sculpted and lifted effect, which up until now, would only have been possible with more aggressive treatment methods.