Thou shalt leave their shopping till the last minute and do it all at Debenhams

Every year when December rolls around, for a moment, we forget about everything that’s wrong in the world and a simple set of fairly lights can fill us with unparalleled joy! We love Christmas, everything about it, the mince pies, the fact it becomes socially acceptable to be tipsy anytime of the day and the plethora of festive T.V commercials that melt our usually sceptical heart. There is only one thing about Christmas we don’t love - shopping for gifts! Annual last minute dash is our tried and tested approach and it’s the one that works, the best  and most time effective method is to venture to just one store and do everything there. This year our store of Choice was Debenhams, not purely decided on the basis it was a favourite T.V ad but also the amount of choice and fun gifts it houses! It took us a mere 1.5 hours to get everything, the cosmetic floor has it all, stuff for Dad, stuff for Mum and the emergency back up candle from Elemis we get for the crazy aunt who might pop in drunk on cherry (we secretly hope she doesn’t so we can light it on Boxing Day). Just so we look extra thoughtful we went to the personalised section where all manner of things can be personalised - Nutella being a sure fire win with all and Little Miss and Mr Men for the younger recipients. Thoughtful gifts with minimal effort - just our style!  If you are still yet to do your shopping make like us and do a last min dash round Debs, Christmas is about giving but our time is too precious to shop when there are mince pies to be eaten and festive cocktails to be drank.