Thou shalt have a New Years style resolution

Whilst we had as many mince pies as we could humanly consume over the festive period our new year resolutions isn’t diet and fitness related (although our muffin top would suggest it should be) - It’s style related of course... We have spoken at length many times here, and also in a widely ridiculed article for the telegraph where we gave up our wardrobe and lived in a t-shirt and jeans, about how we wish to de clutter our jam packed wardrobe. 2018 is our year for a minimal fashion life. So how do you go from being a shopping and trend addict to curating a capsule wardrobe of beautiful men’s staples.... well we will share with you how we plan to do it. Step 1 get rid Get rid of anything you have not work for a year, be ruthless don’t think about it too much and think of the end result of having a minimal fashion life like all those hipsters who have just one clothing rack and 10 copper coat hangers with clothing on. Step 2 sell it Getting rid will also fund your new minimal fashion life. Think of being the smug COS man, no more primark t shirts one once and thrown away after you inevitably spill coffee on it. Get ready to actually wash clothes and love a white t shirt so much you are prepared to buy vanish or any other stain remover. Do a car-boot sale or use Shpock to offload your fashion mistakes of yesteryear. Step 3 be considered Don’t let the allure of trend derail you - ultimately it’s a flash in the pan you don’t need. Spend wise and spend well on quality pieces that will endure time. Don’t be fashionable be stylish.  Step 4 be smug with no more clutter Where once your wardrobe consisted of piles of clothes pretty much everywhere your new smug self can relax in the beauty of a minimal and quality small selection of clothing. Your hanging garms are all pieces you love and want to actually wear and you don’t spend hours throwing clothes you have no idea why you bought around trying to find a white crew neck T. So there you have it - our simple step by step guide to your new minimal fashion self! So now all we need is one piece of advice... anyone know how to use Shpock?