Thou shalt recognise toothbrushes are not suppose to be together but people are!

2018 seem to be shaping up to be a year that will break down the parameters in society that keep us in our labeled boxes - wether that be tackling gender or sexuality things are changing. Not only is it 100 years since woman got the right to vote it’s a year in which we are seeing people rightly coming forward and addressing things that previously may have seemed socially acceptable. In times of change it’s great to see large companies understanding these changes and doing their own little bit to start and celebrate these changes. Step forward Foreo who have released a limited edition Mr and Mr toothbrush set just in time for Valentine’s Day. In a world where minorities have previously seemingly being invisible to conglomerates and large advertising companies it’s refreshing to see Foreo recognise the need to cater to different consumers and not just heterosexuals. So whilst we are used to seeing all manner of Mr and Mrs themed gifts this time of year for the first time ever we can get a stylish gift for Mr and Mr. The kit contains two of their amazing and iconic toothbrushes the ISSA 2 which we have to admit is the best toothbrush (not to mention most stylish) we have ever used! Paul Peros, FOREO CEO said, “As far as we know, no other global brand has offered a same-sex gift set at the center of their Valentine’s Day promotions, and that seemed long overdue. FOREO is short for ‘For Every One,’ and having been contacted by customers highlighting the gap for same-sex gifts, we wanted to do things a little differently. Hopefully other beauty and well-being brands will follow our lead in the future!” So whoever you choose to kiss this Valentine’s Day make sure your teeth are in check and your smile is on point with help of Foreo and the ISSA 2. 

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