Thou shalt celebrate fragrance week

Whilst we aim to smell our best everyday when national fragrance week hits getting the scent on point is all the more important. With that in mind we strutted on down to the Debenhams spritz bar (we felt a strut was needed when walking to such a glamorously named place) and enlisted the help of a more refined nose than ours to update our personal fragrance. It’s easy to fall in to a rut when it comes with fragrance, we have out two firm favs we alternated between. Having a signature scent is no bad thing but it’s nice to have a fragrance library to choose from so having a few more expertly advised fragrances is just what we needed. At the grand marble table and flutes of chambers we were treated to in in-depth fragrance consultation and then advised on several fragrances that would hit the spot after our lifestyle and preferences were carefully considered. The result was us attaining a few more scents that we wouldn’t have usually picked up. Elizabeth and James Bourbon being one, we were unaware E&J did male fragrances but we always enjoy a bourbon with our tea so we were open minded. Turns out it takes nots from the whisky Bourbon variant and not our biscuit of choice - either way it’s a great fragrance so we are not complaining. Visit the fragrance bar at Debenhams Oxford Street all this week and beyond or look online (link below) Debenhams fragrance