Thou shalt shop cruelty free with Superdrug and the little Vegan Pop Up

It’s truly never being easier to make cruelty free decisions whilst shopping for your cosmetics as this week sees the opening of Superdrug’s first totally vegan pop up shop. Anyone who likes to buy cruelty free products will be aware of the time consuming process of searching for the bunny on every item you pick up, now the bunny search is over as absolutely everything in the Superdrug pop up is vegan and cruelty free. Everything you could need is covered, our cruelty free nemesis (why can we never find it in other stores) - deodorant - it’s there in various varieties. There is also some great charcoal toothpaste, which we swear by, and excitingly the new charcoal powder to get your pearly whites guilt free blinding’. Suncream is also available should spring decide to ever, well, spring! What we love most about the pop up is that rather than hike up the prices to appeal to the trendy Shoreditch shoppers the same amazing value of any standard Superdrug store is available in the pop up, including all those tempting buy 1 get 1 half price deals. We really didn’t need pink and blue temparory hair colour spray but why not when it’s on offer... our inner 11 year old prevailed.  Our only slight niggle - it’s currently a pop up (for three months) but let’s all pray it’s a permanent fixture! 

Superdrug vegan pop up