Thou shalt save the planet stylishly with CanO

David Attenborough is a God amongst men, we all know this, his documentary shinned a well needed spotlight on the monumental damage plastic is doing to the ocean - even the Queen has banned plastic straws and bottles from the Royal estate. With Liz’ fully on board so is the Men Commandments. With this in mind we did a mini sequel of delight when we saw Christopher Raeburn had teamed up with CanO and the Zoological Society of London to creat a can of water. CanO isn’t new to us and whilst the concept of water in a can seemed a little odd at first the fact they use highly recyclable aluminium makes a can a more preferable vessel than a throw away plastic bottle. Unlike previous cans the CanO has a sealable lid so can be carried in a bag after opening. As part of its #OneLess campaign, The CanO’s will be on sale on the 2 sites, we are sure to hop foot it down to grab a stylish refreshment it’s definitely the most affordable and eco way to own a bit of coveted designer Christopher Raeburn. Who know you may even spot the queen looking for a stylish alternative to plastic water bottles...

The special collaboration from CanO x Christopher Raeburn is released later this month.

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