Thou shalt look younger with the Algenist

There are so many brands jumping on the gender neutral band wagon it’s easy to forget that being gender neutral isn’t a fad but actually a step in a positive direction to break down gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes still very much exist in skincare and cosmetics and are perpetually used and confounded by the big boys... I have never fully understood why most skincare and cosmetic products are not sold as unisex items, razors for example, anyone else find it insulting/patronising how men’s razors look like a transformer and women’s are pink? Just us? A brand that has always being about skincare more than appealing to specific genders is Algenist. They have fairly quietly working away on formulas that are truly scientific and effective. Algae stays true as the work horse of this new break through moisturiser and a new AlgaProtein you won’t find anywhere else. We could bore you with science jargon but what you need to know is that this will leave your skin instantly plumped with a semi matte texture. Over prolonged use wrinkled are visibly reduced, it even got rid of some deep wrinkled on our neck (apparently they are called necklace lines - we have never being ones for accessories especially when they are a result of the ageing process). The price tag is one that’s fairly considerable but your getting a high performance bit of skincare that have proven results so worth a splurge. So man, woman or anywhere in between, let’s face it, we all want to look a bit fresher plumper and younger when we stare in the mirror.  

Available at Space NK