Thou shalt get one blade

We have all been there - beard looks scruffy as hell and you have exactly two minutes before you need to leave the house. Well as much as we would like to think our conventional trimmer can trim and edge our facial hair to perfection in under two mins’ it never really does the job like a barber or using a razor and getting wet shave - and of course we can’t really blame it for underperforming as it is just a beard trimmer; we have to blame our poor time keeping and daily lie -ins. Now though, WE can be lazy AF and have a the sort of facial hair that look so well kept people will think you have your life together... The One Blade is now our favourite way maintaining our beard and now they have just taking things next level by making it body friendly too. The new One Blade body kit does everything it used to do but now has a special body attachment to deal with unruly or unwanted body hair. 

We love the fact our body and facial hair grooming can be done with one compact piece of kit. No longer do we need that sad little travel trimmer because the One Blade is even more compact.

So rejoice the time poor and grab yourself a One Blade... 

Buy One Blade face and body here