Thou shalt shop at Primark for swimwear this summer

Here at the Men Commandments we are frugal folk, we don’t like splurging unless it’s on something we know we will get loads of wear from. So take swimwear for example, we are not regular swimmers and only tend to need shorts or trunks when holidaying, which is depressingly only a few weeks of the year. Whilst we totally appreciate there are some amazing high end swimwear brands out there that offer quality durable swimmers that will wear well, for us we don’t wear them enough to justify the splurge. So if like us your an occasional swimmer mostly on you holidays, hop-foot it to Primark and check out their extensive collection, there is something for everyone and they are all around the £5 region in price, pretty unbelievable value. We opted for their more colourful options including the ice cream print ones we are wearing above! At just a fiver we thought we would grab a few pairs for our week in the sun. Flamingo print is on trend and available at the alley friendly Primark prices. We also opted for a cool ombré pair for days when a print isn’t out vibe. So there we go, your swimwear sorted for a minuscule budget. Get down to Primark for first dibs because we expect the mot popular styles will sell out.