Thou shalt get loafers this summer from Pastel Sixteen

Here at the Men Commandments our shoe cupboard is full to bursting, no more shoes we said, we don’t have the room we said and then a new shoe brand started popping off in our Instagram feed and our resolute weakened. It was like Pastel Sixteen knew we had a penchant for brightly coloured loafers. We have long being a lover of a Russell and Brom’ loafer but even a classic needs an update now and then - so we were so pleased to see pastel Sixteen create the classic loafer style in fresh new colour ways perfect for summer walks on the beach or all those weddings we secretly hate going to. Their currently offer includes a whole rainbow to choose from, for the more reserved there is a soft grey hue and for the adventurous; purple, pinks and burnt oranges that are sure to get you noticed. Priced at £145 they are not cheap but the quality and craftsmanship is worth the slight splurge because they are just as good as shoes we have paid double, if not more, for.

Shop the collection here