Though shalt consider microneedling with London Real Skin

If you asked us if it would be a good idea to continually prick our face with tiny needles at high speed, well, we may well say that doesn’t sound like a great one! That was until we tried micro needling for ourselves and actually it turns out under the guidance of a professional it totally is a good idea! So what is microneedling? Microneedling is essentially giving your skin what the experts say is a ‘controlled injury’. If our skin gets an abrasion or injury it responds by creating loads of good stuff and repairing itself, clever thing is our skin. So by creating small controlled injuries all over the face results in the production of collagen giving a plumper more refined look to the skin. What to expect? We expected the treatment to be slightly painful but a topical numbing cream is applied before the wand does it needle thing and it was totally pain free. The wand is then used and several tiny needles penetrate the skin in quick succession. Different depths of insertion can be used for areas that need more work such as on acne scaring or deeper lines. Where to have it done? We recommend the London Skin Clinic who perform a whole array of non surgical treatments to get you skin looking it’s best and give a more youthful look. The results For a few days after the treatment we had some light shedding similar to what your skin is like when it’s dry/flaky. Again it wasn’t sore or painful in anyway and after 3 days we noticed are skin look plum and glowing with a resection in fine lines. Those scared of needles may be dubious but microneedling is the perfect treatment for those wanting to improve the overall look of their skin! 

So whilst no one likes a prick but gives us a few thousand quick ones on the face and we are there with bells on.  

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