Thou shalt sort out summer skincare

Now we live in a country that could soon be a summer holiday destination should the currently climate continue, nailing your summer grooming has never being more important... 

Here are our current summer savours that keep sweaty foreheads at bay and unruly hair less humid...

1 Aloe up 

Sun cream is the obvious essential when things get hot, hot, hot, and our protection of choice is Aloe Up. The high concentration of Aloe Vera has properties known to help with sunburnt skin and it’s cooling and moisturising on application, not at all sticky or clammy like many other factor 50s.

£12.95 for 118ml 

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2 Proverb Skin Strengthening serum 

On warm days we usually avoid heavy creams and stick to lighter formulations to keep or visage looking hot! This light-weight serum packs a serious skincare punch but won’t leave you sweating it all off (ultimately making applying the cream serum pointless) when you step outside. 

£65 for 30ml 

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3 Sure Motion sense 

A good deodorant is clearly of high importance in warm weather. No one wants to be that sweat patched person on the tube people have no choice but to stand in close proximity to. Sure motion sense is hard working but gets to work a little harder when it detects motion -don’t ask us how a deodorant knows how you are moving as we have not a clue but this makes it the perfect choice for the current hot spell.

More info here.

4 Purple Tree miracle balm

Even in hot weather things can get dry especially the lip area which is sensitive to both the heat and the cold. This miracle balm is great for lips but also we use a small amount on unruly summer hair and it’s also great for keeping our eyebrows perfectly arched and in place. An instant classic we are never without. 

£3.99 for 25ml 

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5 Dermot O’Leary day cream 

Whilst some day creams are defiantly too heavy for summer this formula is a light gel texture that glides on skin in a refreshing and nourishing way. It has SPF 15 for added summer skincare protection. As with all trusty M&S products it’s cruelty free oh and it smells amazing, probably as good as the man himself! 

£15 for 50ml 

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