Thou shalt revisit your fragrance first love...

The enduring appeal of Issey Miyakes iconic fragrance is surely testament to it being one of the best fragrances of all time. 

We first stumbled across the fragrance over 15 years ago whilst as a fresh faced college student, we were hooked on our first smell. Since then new fragrances have come and gone and although we never fell out of love with Issey’s we did try out new ones. Where we once purchased ‘issey’ without fail it become a fragrance at the back of our fragrance closet (hypothetical closet may we add, we are not the kind of fragrance fanatic that built a fragrance wardrobe... promise) 

Like can be true, with all first loves, it’s sometimes advisable to revisit them. We are so glad we re-fell in Love with Issey Miyake and it’s citrusy fresh yet wordy scent. 

Did you have a first fragrance love? Maybe it’s time to go back for one spritz...

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