Thou shalt wear make up if you want to...

Men wearing make up seems like a very 2018 notion; today, huge brands are using in men in adverts for foundation and a whole host of male beauty bloggers are showing a smokey eye isn’t just for the ladies. Whilst this is a welcome move men and make up isn’t anything new. Here at the Men Commandments we thought nothing of concealing our teenage spots or having a dust of bronzer on our pale face long before it became a social norm. Whilst yesteryear may not have had social media pioneers and the cosmetic brands backing Men’s make its always been there waiting in the wings. 

A brand that has been instrumental in taking men’s make up from the hidden bathroom cabinets of men to the grooming bags everywhere is MMUK. Their site has everything you could ever need from skincare to BB cream and concealers. 

Here at men commandments we got to try out some of their hero products and can report they gave us a natural looking make up look, not that we care if people know we are partial to the odd dab of concealer but like most make up wearers we want to look natural and not like you have spent an hour in the make up chair. 

We particularly like the BB cream which gave us a dewy and clear complexion, our next step was to add a bit of bronzer, we tried the MMUK mineral bronzer which is a loose mineral powder, at first we were slightly dubious as we had previously only used solid powered bronzers and the MMUK on had a slight shimmer to it something we had previously avoided, once applied it give us a glowy blended seamless bronzer look with no glittery particles looking obvious on the skin. A thumbs up from our pale face. 

Skincare wise we love the Firm Serum and the active eye cream. Both have formed up and lessened the look of wrinkles through superior hydration. 

If you are new to make up or just want to find some new product to add in to your existing routine give MMUK a visit through the link below...

Men's Make-up